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i10 Film Productions

Building connections for student artists across Los Angeles through film

Phoebe Feldman - Emily Cohen

We Are a Young & Creative
Student Film Production Company

 We are a film production, casting, and everything-in-between company geared towards helping student filmmakers expand their projects and connect with other artistic students of all varieties for personal experience, networking, and promotion of more advanced art.


We connect different student filmmakers to student actors from schools all across the Los Angeles area. It is our belief that all filmmakers should have access to dedicated actors, and so we build the relationships for them that would otherwise not exist. Young actors can gain experience, long term connections, and a portfolio by auditioning for and working with a young filmmaker. We set up professional castings and call backs, as well as coordinate production schedules and call times.

What We Do


i10's overarching goal is to assist filmmakers in raising production quality. That is why we provide budget management and help build crews of other artistic students to collaborate on a film. We build mini communities of composers, cinematographers, screen writers, and more to enable the growth of an idea into a high quality production.



Film Set

Contact Us

If you are a student in L.A., and would like to be a part of the i10  client list, fill out the space below with your name, email, and a short bio about you and what you do!

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